Giving this season

Remarks by Jeanine on Sunday morning 11/4/2018

I always believed as a mother, modeling the behavior I hoped to nurture in my children would yield the best outcome. So, I would try hard to teach by example, to practice, rather than preach, to recognize their efforts and praise their accomplishments.

This approach, of doing what you want others to do, often has the same effect in other relationships and settings. I’ve witnessed it many time here at our church. People are more willing to pitch in, join in, offer a helping hand, roll up their sleeves, get dirty, donate a little dough, or roll some dough, when I, you, we are doing the same.

That’s the essence of stewardship. Each of us is essential to the life of our church. Each of us has something meaningful to offer. Monetary donations work well for some of us and they are greatly appreciated. Volunteering of time and talent is just as important to the success of the activities, projects, and events we host throughout the year.

We did it again, one more year, with our 2018 Blueberry Festival in August. Then in October, many of us generously provided food and helped serve refreshments following the beautiful installation for Reverend Kim.

There are several events on the calendar between now and Christmas! It will take each and every one of us to continue our giving of money, time, and talent to achieve our mission.

Think about and pray about how you will participate. There is the annual Turkey Pie Fundraiser, with baking turkeys, rolling dough, and making the pies. The Mountview Chamber Singers event, with making soup sandwiches and desserts to serve our guests. We have our Christmas fair, with lots of home-cooked goodies and hand-made crafts and refitted items. And then there’s the thoughtful and generous Advent baskets for our church members in need of our outreach.

It seems overwhelming altogether, so let’s approach it one event at a time, starting with the turkey pies. Every small contribution helps, a bag of carrots, an hour of rolling dough, buying and cooking one turkey. If the timing sin’t good to volunteer for this event, consider a monetary donation or choose the next event. Every little bit helps. We appreciate whatever you are willing and able to do. Please check the sign-up sheet downstairs for more information or email me. Thank you!